KADMF receives “Fresh Air” Grant to Help Children with Severe Pulmonary Disorders

The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund (KADMF) has received a $1750 grant from the Women’s Club of Suburban Philadelphia to support the fund’s “Fresh Air” Program. The program provides new air conditioners for children with severe pulmonary, kidney, heart or liver disorders who are especially at risk in hot and humid weather.


KADMF’s Executive Director Peggy Dolan said, “When children at risk are subjected to the intense heat and humidity, the loss of good air quality can often lead to a crisis. The crisis could mean a trip to the ER, followed by a stay in the intensive care unit and thousands of dollars of medical costs, when a simple $150 window air conditioner would have averted the issue altogether. Not only that, missed work often reduces the parent’s income when they leave their jobs to be with the hospitalized child.”


She added, “The Women’s Club of Suburban Philadelphia has been a treasured partner of the Fund. For the past 11 years, they have helped fund the “Fresh Air” Program. It is these wonderful partnerships that enable us to help families caring for children with serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries.”


Because of the children’s precarious health, KADMF provides funds for the families to purchase new air conditioners. If you would like to donate to the “Fresh Air” Program, please visit www.dolanfund.org or call 215-643-0763.


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