Psst! Your Neighbors May Be Paying Less Rent

According to a website that maps census data, rental prices in the Ambler Patch coverage area vary quite a bit.

If you rent in Ambler, Whitpain or Lower Gwynedd areas, you'll be interested to know that your monthly rent might be higher than your neighbors. A website called RichBlocksPoorBlocks.com has broken down these facts into a very digestable, detailed, yet understandable interactive map.

Do you want to know what the renters "next door" are paying? Do you need to beef up your negotiations with your landlord? This map can help.

As you can see from the image, those in the southwest portions of Ambler Borough seem to pay the lowest rents, where the median monthly rent (as of 2011 reports) is $858 per month. In contrast, those in the northeast portion of the borough average $935 in monthly rent.

According to the site, the map uses data from Census reports.

"All data come from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey. The statewide middle range covers Census Tracts which have a median monthly rent higher than the lowest 40 percent -- and lower than the highest 40 percent -- of this state's Census Tracts," says the map's "disclaimer."

The Whitpain area fairs no better. Its average rents vary greatly from one half of the township to the other. In the northeast portions of the township, the average rent is $954, while in the southwest secions of Blue Bell, rent hovers around $1,621.

Lower Gwynedd seems a tad more balanced in its average rents. In the north, the township residents are paying around $1,368 in average rent, while those in the south pay $1,349. However, the eastern side of the township must offer more luxury. Its averages are $1,926 per month.

To find out more about your location, view this detailed map at RichBlocksPoorBlocks.com.


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