October Health Inspection Reports for Ambler

These food establishments were evaluated by the Montgomery County Health Department.

The Montgomery County Health Department in March conducted inspections of food-service establishments in Upper Dublin Patch area.

Click each facility's name to see its Patch directory listing and click the date of its inspection to read the health department's report.

  • Caffe Maida, 95 E Butler Ave, Ambler, 10/25
  • Daniel W. Dowling Home Assoc., 351 Maple St., Ambler, 10/19
  • Forest and Main Brewery, 61 N Main St., Ambler, 10/18
  • Golden House, 172 E Butler Ave., Ambler, 10/10
  • McDonald’s, 119 Butler Pike, Ambler, 11/5
  • Mattison Avenue Elementary School, 131 Rosemary Ave., Ambler, 10/10
  • Philly’s Phamous, 36 Tennis Ave., Ambler, 11/5
  • Rorer’s Market, 875 W Butler Pike, Ambler, 11/2
  • Shell Mini Mart/Dunkin Donuts, 371 E Butler Pike, Ambler, 11/5
  • St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, 259 Forest Ave., Ambler, 10/25
  • The Broad Axe Tavern, 901 W Butler Ave., Ambler, 10/26
  • Tienda El Jalapeno, 275 E Butler Pike, Ambler, 10/10
  • Zina’s Kitchen, 242 E Butler Pike, Ambler, 10/18
JB November 17, 2012 at 01:19 PM
No soap? No hand washing signs for employees? Roaches in bathrooms? Unknown people behind registers? Non proper dates on food? Employees dirty clothes on food? People, seriously ? TSK TSK TSK
JB November 17, 2012 at 01:24 PM


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