Spotlight On: The Broad Axe Tavern

The oldest licensed tavern in the United States.

Ambler Patch: When did you open your business?

Broad Axe Tavern: The foundation for the Broad Axe Tavern dates back to the 1670s.

We are the oldest licensed tavern in the United States...you can see more interesting information about the Broad Axe Tavern check out the website...we are still in the process of researching it.

The Broad Axe Tavern was restored by concerned neighbors of the Broad Axe and reopened Mother's Day weekend 2009.

AP: Who is your ideal client or customer?

BAT: Those who like exploring craft beers (we rotate 16 beers on tap with one featured each day for $2.50...we call it our Craft Draft), fine wine (we have an amazing selection of wine, including the newly released Fort Washington collection Karamoor Estate), solid Tavern food and seasonal or special dishes found on our "Inspired Menu" which is adjusted as our Chefs create and test specials with our staff and regulars. We are a Tavern, but we also host many special events, such as Wedding Rehearsals, Business Meetings, Birthday Parties. One of our most recent successes is Comedy Corner and Comedy Corner Open Mic which currently occurs once a month per our events calendar.

AP: What makes your business unique from others in your field?

BAT: This Tavern has served the community and the United States development since the 1670s. The fact that business men and women have decided to invest time and energy for all this time is pretty darn special. We aim to continue that legacy on a daily basis.

AP: What made you decide to open a business?

BAT: We wanted to save the Broad Axe from being torn down or turned into a Business office.

AP: What’s your most popular item?

BAT: Currently, the AXE burger, Smoked Gouda Crab Fondue, and Pumpkin Ravioli found on our Inspired Dishes menu.

AP: What make’s your community special?

BAT: We only wish that people knew of how great the Ambler community is and the wealth of history that is found at its source...Broad Axe...stop by and we'll let you know.

AP: Where can customers find your specials?

BAT: Currently we spotlight all our specials via facebook and twitter, but we are redesigning our website to be more interactive.

AP: What are your chef’s specialties?

BAT: They change often...most recently, our top sellers are the AXE burger, Smoked Gouda Crab Fondue, and Pumpkin Ravioli. I'm starting to feel like a skipped record/CD.


The Broad Axe Tavern is open 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. everyday and the kitchen is open until 12 a.m. everyday. Learn more about The Broad Axe Tavern on their website, follow them on Facebook or on Twitter.


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