Saturday is National Husband Appreciation Day!

Show your significant other how much you care today.

FINALLY!  A day set aside so we can tell our husbands how much we appreciate them. Honestly, do we need this?  Come to think of it, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a few moments and think about everything your husband does. 

Let’s see… He does dishes, sweeps, mops, vacuums, cleans bathrooms and even does laundry.  Man, it sounds like he does everything, and I do nothing!  In all honesty, we share chores, but I know he does more than most husbands.  Girls talk, yah know.

I tell him often that I appreciate all that he does for his family, but maybe I should show him.  Tonight I will plan a romantic evening.  Tonight we will NOT do laundry.  We will NOT wash dishes.  We will NOT clean anything.  We’ll cuddle up on the sofa after the little one goes to sleep.  Maybe watch a movie and drink some our favorite sparkling wine (champagne).  Or whatever he wants to do.

So, today I salute my husband, Matt: The Father, the Best Friend, the Guitar God and even the Maid. Everything you do for the family does not go unnoticed and is appreciated more than you know.  Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are, and for being my husband! I love you very much.

Think of fun ways to honor your significant other today, and tell us how you appreciate him. Maybe a date night is in order, or a special gift to show how much you care. Check out the for date night in Lower Gwynedd.

Natalie Stotz April 09, 2012 at 04:34 PM
I totally support this I feel the same way, husband should acknowledge to pull through our disagreements nagging and still love is unconditionally!


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