Police: Ambler Woman Arrested for DUI in Upper Dublin

An Ambler woman was arrested with a blood alcohol content of .155% in Upper Dublin.

According to Upper Dublin Township Police reports, on Sunday, Oct. 28, at approximately 2:56 a.m., an officer in full uniform and operating a marked police car, was traveling north on Butler Pike in the area of Atkinson Drive.

At that time, the officer allegedly observed a vehicle traveling southbound veer into the north bound lane then swerve back. The officer turned around and followed the vehicle, a Chevrolet Cavalier. According to the report, the officer also noted that the right rear tail lamp on the vehicle was broken. While the officer was following the vehicle he allegedly observed it cross the double yellow line multiple times and cross into the opposite lane of travel as traffic was approaching. At that time the officer activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop at Butler Pike and Stout Road.

As the officer approached the driver, identified as Brandi Nelson, 25, of Ambler, was observed with glassy eyes and there was a heavy odor of alcohol emanating from the vehicle, according to police reports.

According to reports, Nelson stated the following: She thought the reason for the stop was her tail light. She did not know she had been crossing into the opposing lane of travel as she had been on the phone with her sister. They were returning from Lancer's Dinner on 611 and she had been drinking earlier in the evening. 

At that point the officer allegedly asked Nelson to exit the vehicle so that he could administer field sobriety tests.

The first test the officer asked Nelson to perform was the one leg stand. The test was explained and demonstrated. According to the police report, Nelson failed to keep her arms at her side, counted to six before putting her foot down and asked if the officer wanted her to continue. She then continued counting to 11 before stopping.

The second test the officer allegedly asked her to perform was the nine step walk and turn. The test was explained and demonstrated. According to police reports, Nelson failed to take heel to toe steps, stay on the line, executed an improper turn, almost fell after completing her spin turn, and failed to count along with each step.

Nelson was then administered a PBT, which confirmed the presence of alcohol on her breath, with a .155% blood alcohol content, according to the report. At 3:05 a.m., Nelson was placed under arrest for DUI and secured in the back of the patrol vehicle.


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