Allyson Schwartz Endorses Jeanne Sorg for Mayor of Ambler

'Jeanne has shown her dedication and commitment to our community time and again,' Scwartz said. 'Her knowledge and experience in Ambler matter.'

Editor's note: the following is a press release from Jeanne Sorg, who is running for Mayor of Ambler in the upcoming election.

With three weeks until Primary Day, federal and county officials are throwing their support behind Democrat Jeanne Sorg, candidate for Mayor in Ambler. 

Sorg picked up a key backer this week by receiving U.S. Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz’s endorsement. 

“Jeanne has shown her dedication and commitment to our community time and again," Scwartz said. "Her knowledge and experience in Ambler matter. I am proud to support Jeanne Sorg, our candidate for Mayor of Ambler!"

After receiving Schwartz’s endorsement, Sorg said she was “truly thankful and humbled by the support [she is] receiving from the very public servants Ambler will need to partner with to move borough forward.”

Sorg previously received endorsements from Montgomery County Commissioners Chairman Josh Shapiro and Vice-Chair Leslie Richards. 

Speaking for himself and Richards, Shapiro said “Jeanne is someone who has the personal tools, the political tools and the governmental tools to get the job done as our next mayor of Ambler. Leslie and I need people who we can work with around the county, and Jeanne is the exact type of person we need.”

Additionally, Sorg recently won the Ambler Democratic Party’s endorsement through a competitive process. 

Sorg is the mother of two children – Amelija and Fred – and is married to Rick Taylor. She currently works for State Representative Steve McCarter, handling a broad number of issues including infrastructure, flood mitigation and legislation. Previously, she was the Assistant Director for the Montgomery County Democratic Committee.

She is active in Ambler as a volunteer helping women who are trying to escape domestic abuse. She's also starting a rock concert series that allows area teens to have a safe and constructive outlet, and she's coordinating the creation of a community garden.

More information about Jeanne Sorg’s campaign can be found at www.JeanneForMayor.com.

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Liz Kunzier April 30, 2013 at 01:45 PM
While it is wonderful to be endorsed by the important people in your own party; I find this endorsement to be very hollow. As a D who has been fighting on the front lines for this town for the last year from: billboards, to the closing of MAES, to the unbalanced re-districting of the children from Ambler- I have experience. In the process of these battles; I reached out to every elected official I could find. We received no help at all from Ms. Schwartz’s office or any other of the county and state D's. We - volunteer residents spent countless hours and dollars to champion these issues. We went door to door; we made phone calls, had meetings, passed out flyers, literally stuck our necks out. I know who was with me at every meeting and stomping the sidewalks; Frank Deruosi. While he may not be the endorsed candidate, he is the borough resident who has had “boots on the ground” helping with every one of these issues vital to the borough of Ambler. The management of this borough has very little to do with endorsements and political party affiliation; it has everything to do with community involvement. Who cares who has more signs? What matters is who is on the front lines helping my community with the issues that we feel most passionate about. Let’s focus on the borough that we love - not on hollow party endorsements. Picking political sides is when the conversation becomes polarized; and polarization is not going to keep Ambler on the positive track it is on now.
Christine DeLaurentis April 30, 2013 at 03:01 PM
Thoroughly agree with every word Liz wrote....and could have written it myself.
Matt Cooley April 30, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Can't we all just get along?
penllynjohn April 30, 2013 at 06:37 PM
Allyson Schwartz contaminates everything she touches. Jeanne Sorg, if she has a decency streak in her, will publicly repudiate the Schwartz endorsement and keep Schwartz and her like, at arm's length in the future.
Steve Frustaci April 30, 2013 at 09:45 PM
I also agree with all that Liz has written; We know who was in the trenches and who was not regarding the issues she has listed above. Frank DeRuosi was an enormous participant and strongly advocated for this community. I strongly urge my fellow Republicans to write Frank in for Mayor of Ambler on May 21st.


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