Unkempt Property Topic for Discussion for Ambler Council

Resident is paying the fines, but does not upkeep his property.

Ambler Borough Council discussed any further actions that can be taken towards the property owner for 55 Belmont Ave. in Ambler, during their Nov. 7 meeting.

According to a report in the Ambler Gazette, the property owner has ceased taking care of the property and has left it to the borough to take care of.

However, when the borough does go in and clean up the property to code and bills the resident, the bill is paid in full.

Solicitor Joseph Bresnan told Council that this is not the only property in the borough that the this is done for, and according to the Gazette, Bresnan said this "is a 'fairly common occurrence.'"

"Nothing on the property has reached a level of disrepair that would require the house to be condemned, though, Bresnan added. He said there are property maintenance code violations but not enough to say the property is condemnable."

Carolyn Knisell November 16, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Can you guys investigate the resident of 412 Artman Road....it is a green house that is caving in on itself.
andthatsthetruth November 16, 2012 at 02:05 AM
I looked and I can't help but agree with this and the neighbors are mowing grass as far as they can towards the house. It is really an eye sore. Tall bushes and unkept apperance. Maybe the original responder needs to call the Boro and complain ?


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