Phillies Pitchers and Catchers Report in a Week

In the meantime, their gear is Florida-bound.

It's the sure sign of spring. Forget about groundhogs and their shadows, when the Phillies start packing for spring training, it's official. Spring is coming.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) team is gearing up for its trip. Pitchers and catchers report in just a week.

But, in the meantime, there are a lot of preparations that need to be made. According to CBS Philly, the team's gear is now en route now to Clearwater.

Today, a truck-load of the gear was loaded and sent toward Florida, according to the article. Packed amongst the bats and balls were:

  • 15 cases of gum
  • 12 cases of sunflower seeds
  • 20 coolers and a half pallet of Powerade
  • 10,000 12-ounce cups
  • 150 batting gloves

For the full list of the truck's contents, click on the CBS Philly story.

According to the Phillies' website, the team has practiced in Clearwater since 1948. The Fightin's play spring training games at Bright House Networks Field, while they use the 1967-built Carpenter Field for practices and training.

"Bright House Networks Field is the home for the Phillies' spring training games," said the site. "The ballpark is located on the west side of U.S. Highway 19, adjacent to Carpenter Field." 

The Phils will play their first spring training game on March 3 versus the Florida State Seminoles. For the full schedule, click on this Phillies Spring Training Schedule.


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